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      After reading your post I had to look and my opinion is these people are little more than glorified BUMS! Ok, so I can see recycling and using some things that are thrown away, like furniture, clothes, maybe rugs. But it is dangerous to eat food that is thrown out, you risk disease, maybe dying from food poisioning. I agree with Shelly, taking over someone’s house is tresspassing and no better than a thief! As for not working, you got to have income especially if you got kids or are these all welfare bums? It is very ironic about putting down cars when they ride in them! It is not safe to hitchhike or to pick up a hitch hiker-PLEASE DON’T DO IT YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT. So what, they sit around and pan handle all day with the druggies who refuse to work too? I believe in recycling and saving money but this is going WAY beyond that!

      Shelly Billingsley wrote:

      Housing is a RIGHT??? I just don’t know why some people think they should get a free ride when the rest of us work so hard to acquire everything.

      Okay, I am shutting up now.

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      Subject: : Freegan – as seen on Oprah

      I just watched an Oprah show I had previously recorded. It was about
      the idea of Freeganism – people who choose to live outside of our
      consumer culture, acquiring things they need through alternative
      methods like dumpster diving.

      I’m curious about other people’s reaction to the show, if you saw it. I
      hadn’t heard the term Freegan before. They didn’t even mention
      Freecycle during the show.

      This website has more info. on the Freegan lifestyle:

      https://freegan. info/

      They strike me as extremists, and it’s pretty depressing to read their
      rationale for their lifestyle. However, I do think there is merit in
      pursuing these ideals to a certain extent. To each their own.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Freegan – as seen on Oprah