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      It’s not silly, have you ever watched CSI? Volumes can be written on a person just from their trash.

      Tressa Watts wrote: Thats just silly…most intelligent people these days do not throw personal info into the garbage can…most burn as we do or shred…
      Just my opinion but if you put it in the garbage can and put it on the SHOULD BEfree for the taking…if you want to keep it..lock it up in your house.
      Actually once at the dump…you still cannot remove it..(what would be the difference anyways?? my curb
      or the dump?? HUMM?) …it sits in a landfill and rots, what a WASTE..but dont worry CHINA will make more cheaply and we will buy it to throw it away again so it can sit and rot some more.

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      Um, I don’t know where you get your info from, but throwing something out doesn’t make it public domain….do you think it’s okay for someone to go through YOUR trash when you put it out on the curb? Would you like someone to take something out of your trash — like credit card numbers, account numbers, etc? Just because it’s thrown out doesn’t make it public domain. When it’s in YOUR trash, on YOUR property, it is still YOUR property, and nobody has the
      right to go through it or remove anything from it.
      Once it’s in the dump, of course, that’s different. As long as it’s on YOUR property, taking anything from it is theft.

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      That’s VERY interesting considering the police are allowed to collect evidence from dumpsters and garbage cans because once it’s been thrown out it’s consider public domain… meaning they don’t need a warrant etc to collect someone’s “trash” as evidence. Yet, they can turn around and charge someone with theft for taking something that they themselves can take without cause? Interesting….

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