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      While your concept may be a good one, it’s unrealistic. I TOTALLY agree college kids (I have 2 and another one this fall) throw away entirely too much; however, it goes back to asking. I have no problem helping someone, but it should not be excepted because we have so called free thinkers in the world. Even with this type of ‘store’ who would pay for the rental space, utilities, etc and the people who would come in and get it how do we know they wouldn’t sell it on ebay.

      Bottom line for me, if it’s in my garbage, the only people i have given permission to get it are my trash men. That’s it.

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      I was hoping that bringing up the topic of Freeganism
      would start more of a discussion than just is it
      stealing or not. Think about it: all of us pay higher
      prices for goods, because the companies factor in the
      “loss” of all that perfectly good stuff they throw
      away. Companies are not the only guilty ones either.
      When I was in college, I was appalled every May to see
      what kids threw out when they left campus. Furniture,
      microwaves, books. I don’t think individuals “dumpster
      diving” is the most efficient or preferable way to
      deal with all this waste. I think a better way to deal
      with it would be a real free store – bring your goods
      that you don’t want, take what you do want. Now that’s
      a free market society I could stand behind!


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Freegan – as seen on Oprah