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      I agree!! My mom is a dorm mother at a
      local community college and they will throw everything away! She has them
      bring anything they don’t want to the office and she donates it to a
      local thrift store that returns all profits to the community. There is a
      larger university not far away that allows the students to leave what they don’t
      want at the curb and people can come in and get what they want.

      Let’s take it a step further –
      what exactly are we teaching our kids that they don’t value what has been
      bought for them; they just know that if they don’t have an immediate need
      they will throw it out. When they need it again, they’ll buy another of
      the same item. I totally don’t understand this concept!!

      I rather like the fact that if I don’t
      find something useful that someone else may need/want it. Once I give it away
      (or put it in the trash) I don’t care what someone does with it. If they
      want to take the time to fix it up or clean it up and sell it, more power to
      them. At least they aren’t sitting home waiting on their monthly
      government handout. Since when is initiative and ingenuity a crime? There are
      many upscale neighborhoods close to me that will put perfectly good items
      outside the trash cart on garbage day so you can take them without having to
      dig through carts.

      And to make this personal – I have been
      “roadside shopping” and have dumpster dived a time or two when I was
      younger; I have never climbed fences or broken locks to do so either. I believe
      if you had any ties to the item, you wouldn’t have thrown it out.

      Question: if you don’t want it, why
      do you care if someone else does?

      And yes, I understand the frivolous lawsuits
      that some people win but that again is a testament to our society’s
      attitude that no one is responsible for their own actions.

      **How about a new thread –
      when you have something you don’t want or need anymore, what do you do
      with it? Sell it, donate it, freecycle it, or toss it in the trash?

      When I
      was in college, I was appalled every May to see

      what kids threw out when they left campus. Furniture,

      microwaves, books.

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