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      Unfortunately, the greed factor takes over. People walk in with 1 item,

      out with 30. It doesn’t matter what kind of limits you put or request, they

      find a way.

      We held a large “free garage sale” through the community – spent weeks

      organizing it, donations from local businesses of used appliances/furniture

      that they couldn’t sell (higher tax write off as a donation for them instead

      of reducing the sale price on the sales floor) and we asked people to stick

      to five items or less per person. (The large ticket items were done as a

      “raffle” to keep things fair.)

      Now, we didn’t split hairs about book ends being two pieces – everything

      like that was bagged and stapled in clear produce-style baggies – main

      purpose was to keep stuff together, too, LOL.

      We had groups of people off to the side with one person “guarding” items and

      others “shopping” (running back and forth to the pile). When it came time

      to leave, they had called everyone in the family that they knew, had them

      bring all kids of all ages – I’ll tell you it’s a real slap in the face to

      have someone blatantly look at you at “checkout” and state that the VCR,

      men’s jacket, deep fryer, etc. were the choices from the 9 month old baby

      they were carrying – in addition to their items. You lose purpose when

      people scam so incredulously. The thing is, if they’d have chosen baby

      items, I wouldn’t have had as big of a deal, but so obviously just using a

      body to get stuff?

      We too were in college as adults who didn’t have parents paying our way,

      LOL, and spent many hours “shopping” at the free locations next to dumpsters

      on move-out weekend. It helped that we lived there year-round.

      Several fist fights and related brawls have grown from scenarios like that,

      too, which is what made some college communities pass laws to at minimum

      write fines for items collected from the curb – some carry heftier

      penalties, which have been mentioned.


      Original Message

      From: “Suzanne Fesmire Gibbons” <>

      > diving” is the most efficient or preferable way to

      > deal with all this waste. I think a better way to deal

      > with it would be a real free store – bring your goods

      > that you don’t want, take what you do want. Now that’s

      > a free market society I could stand behind!


      > Suzanne

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