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      Well, I’m not sure what China has to do with Freegans, but…all I’m saying is that if you are on someone else’s property and remove something from that property without permission, you are stealing, and you can be arrested. The trash on the curb was an extreme example, but take for instance a company like McDonalds. There is a reason that their trash is usually behind a fence and locked. They don’t want people going through their trash, and I can understand why. In the first place, there is a liability issue. If anyone injures themselves on McD’s property, they put in a claim and even if it’s a ridiculous claim, trust me, they get money. I know this – I work for their insurance company. Secondly, picture if you will, their dumpster becoming a free-for-all. Can you imagine the MESS that would have to be cleaned up from people throwing stuff OUT of the dumpster, which we all know will happen. Then there’s a problem of rats and other vermin who would be attracted to that. There are people silly enough to do things like stand outside of the dumpster and hang their children by the feet inside the dumpster to get to the bottom…one slip and the child falls in and McDonalds gets sued for NOT KEEPING THE DUMPSTER SECURE ENOUGH TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT.


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      Thats just silly…most intelligent people these days do not throw personal info into the garbage can…most burn as we do or shred…
      Just my opinion but if you put it in the garbage can and put it on the SHOULD BEfree for the taking…if you want to keep it..lock it up in your house.
      Actually once at the dump…you still cannot remove it..(what would be the difference anyways?? my curb or the dump?? HUMM?) …it sits in a landfill and rots, what a WASTE..but dont worry CHINA will make more cheaply and we will buy it to throw it away again so it can sit and rot some more.

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