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      Would you feel that way if someone went through your trash and stole your identity? Not saying it would happen everytime but there is the possibility. If you have something you want to give away put it on freecycle or put a sign on it saying “free” The definition of stealing is taking something that does not belong to you and that includes “trash”. I once turned in a guy who was getting stuff from the county dump , toys from Walmart. He fixed them up and resold them for 3/4 the price Walmart charged. He was caught and now is in prison for stealing because it is illegal to take stuff from the dump. These toys were being returned to Walmart for full credit by some of the people who bought from the thief. People like these make retail prices higher for all of us.

      wow….I cannot understand how it is stealing if you throw it away? why not recycle things that somebody else does not use…??I I think that is so wrong he was charged with criminal theft. I cannot believe anybody would actually press charges. “Sorry officer but I wanted this to be burned or sit in a landfill insead of being reused by somebody, so arrest this horrible criminal.”

      Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 11:00:55 -0700
      Subject: Re: : Freegan – as seen on Oprah

      Absolutely it’s stealing. Also, if they get injured on the property, or in the dumpster, even though
      they are not there by invitation, they have the option of suing the property owner. KarenP

      Pj wrote:

      Interesting that you brought that up. Personally, I’ve never thought of it as stealing, because someone put it in the dumpster. However, the police thought differently when he saw my adult sontake some wood scrapsfrom a dumpster (he was making a project with his little brothers). He was charged with criminal theft!

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