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      This topic caught my interest from the beginning and now I have to
      chime in. I am as thrifty as the next person and environmentally
      aware. I buy a large portion of my belongings at thrift stores, I
      recycle, reuse etc…. I even drive a Ford Hybrid Escape. Having
      said all that, I am in no way against Capitalism – we are the great
      nation we are for a reason.

      When I have an item that someone else might be able to use and I am
      going to throw it out – I keep it separate from the rest of my trash
      and put it in clear site – free for the taking. I have had people ask
      if they can have items, I have even asked people if I can have
      items…. BUT when people tear open my trash bags (making a mess) and
      rummage through them, (which I witnessed from inside), I have

      I TOTALLY AGREE — at that point I would consider it vandalism whey they make a mess!

      I didn’t confront the people, because in this day and age,
      confrontations can get ugly real quick, and I am a single female
      living alone. From that day forward, the last thing I do before I
      seal my trash bag, is clean the yard of dog feces. They only tore
      them open one time after that. I am a huge believer in property
      rights and if I pay for something it is mine – I decide who, what
      where and how it is used.

      God bless the USA,

      great letter could not have said it better myself!

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