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      its actually

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      From: mswatson
      Sent: Friday, October 12, 2007 9:30 PM
      Subject: Re: : Freebies

      Check out Itis a group of people from all over that get rid of stuff and get stuff. All the stuff is free (no money is exchanged, and nothing is traded).

      runabout07 <> wrote:

      I see a lot of you who list the sites for “freebies”. How many of you
      have actually been to those sites? If I participate in a few of them,
      am I going to get junk mail from everybody and his brother or phone
      calls out of the wazoo? I know nothing comes for free, but some of
      the “freebies” sounds attractive. I just don’t want all these other
      places calling and emailing trying to get me to buy. You guys are the
      pros at this. Any input is welcome.

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