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      — In, “runabout07” wrote:
      > I see a lot of you who list the sites for “freebies”. How many of you
      > have actually been to those sites?<< We have a Freebies board right on our site with Legit Freebies (rather than advertising/Affiliate links), which is updated daily.
      Our US Freebie Board:

      >> If I participate in a few of them, am I going to get junk mail from everybody and his brother or phone calls out of the wazoo?<<
      First of all, here is an article on our site that explains the following:

      1. How to tell the difference between Legit Freebies and Spam
      2. How to avoid getting spammed to death
      3. How to set up a free voicemail number that you can access with your computer so you dont have to enter your real home number
      4. Tips and Tricks for getting the best freebies and deals available

      >>I know nothing comes for free, but some of the “freebies” sounds attractive. <<
      Not to contradict you, but lots of things come for free. I’ve received tons and tons of items this year, including free medicines, foods, pet foods and toys, soaps, lotions, shampoos, beauty products, Seasoning mixes, canning supplies, diabetic supplies, etc. My kids cant wait to run to the mailbox each day and see what snacks will be arriving.

      Freebies make excellent stocking stuffers and gift basket additions. This is the perfect time of year to start sending for them. We keep a medium size decorative basket in our bathroom of various samples we’ve received. They work wonderfully for guests that stay the night that always seem to forget their favorite shampoo, (they can choose from 15 different kinds, lol).




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