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      i just filled out the form for this sample, i have no idea if it’s a dud or what. i haven’t gotten any spam from them. i used mozilla so i have no idea if it will work on IE, it should.

      here’s this link.. the scents sound funny, so they could be used as a gag gift.

      weird fragrances dot com

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      The link didn’t get on here. Wonder if it was a dud?? 🙂

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      sorry, i the site is weird fragrances dot com.

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      is there a special way to type in websites on this forum? maybe i am stupid..

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      This one is already in the Dud forum area.
      Would have been nice 🙂
      Hope you don’t end up with a bunch of spam

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      oh kibble! i am so sorry! can i delete this so nobody gets spam or anything?

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      I clicked on the little triangle thing on your original post and asked the mods to remove since it is a known spam. Sometimes you just never know until after the fact.

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      i am so sorry everyone!!

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      Not a problem, we all have posted at least one at one time or another

Viewing 9 reply threads
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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies free weird frangance