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      FREE Test Kit – Odor Control Co


      Odor Control Co’s products eliminate odors and have successfully solved countless odor problems for over 20 years. Why not try our products? Eliminate your odor problems. Free samples for qualifying customers within the USA.


      Odor Control Company now offers free lab testing of your odorous material. It works this way:

      1. Fill out the linking form or contact us by phone 1-888-948-3956. You will receive a sample test kit by UPS delivery.

      2. When you receive your test kit, follow the instructions and fill the bottle with a sample of your odorous material that is causing your odor problem.

      3. Contact us and we will schedule and pay UPS to pick up your sample kit and deliver it to us for testing.

      4. You will receive a FREE Odor Control product sample precisely formulated to neutralize your specific odor problem (available only in the US).

      We can make this offer available because we know that every odor has a distinctive signature. One or two essential oils cannot eliminate every odor problem. Therefore, we have developed over the past 25 years an arsenal of odor neutralizers that target a wide variety of odor sources. As new chemicals and complex “hybrid” wastes and byproducts increase, we are constantly evolving solutions to neutralize unique odorous conditions.

      Take advantage of our offer now!

      Free UPS service is only available in the US. Samples from outside the US must be mailed to us at your cost.

      Tested samples will not be returned.

      Odor Control Company, Inc. assists businesses and commercial properties. Sorry, we do not sell to private residences.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies FREE Test Kit – Odor Control Co