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      The kakomessenger is a free interface. You can use it whenever you want to send singing messages instead of text emails.

      kakomessenger: tell it with a song !

      1) Choose a singer
      2) Type the text of your singing telegram
      3) Watch and Listen to Your message
      4) Modify message if you wish
      5) Send Message to a friend

      You can use the kakomessenger to :

      – explain your boyfriend how to use the washing machine
      – send a poem to your loved one
      – tell your boss that his new tie is really cute
      – say your girlfriend that you love her and that there is a very important
      football match on TV tonight
      – invite your friends to a party
      – tell your wife it was great last night
      – tell your wife you were very tired last night
      – ask a friend for a good dentist address
      – say your girlfriend that you were kidding yesterday
      – say your girlfriend that you were not kidding yesterday
      – wish happy birthday to the cute guy of the laundry
      – announce your wedding in Las Vegas
      – send your parents your wish list for Christmas
      – tell your colleague that his new powerpoint presentation sucks
      – tell your neighbour that you would appreciate his dog stops eating your flowers
      – tell your husband you will be late tonight
      – tell your husband you will be early tonight
      – explain to your grandpa that the computer does not understand telepathic messages
      – tell your little brother you agree to lend him your Playstation
      – tell your little brother you don ‘t agree to lend him your girlfriend
      – explain your grandpa that the little tray on the side of the laptop is not a can holder
      – tell your mother you would appreciate she stops saying you are a naughty boy when
      people are around, because it’s embarassing for a 46 years old man
      – tell your grandpa opening the window of the living room has no effect on the computer
      – say a friend you know that he knows that you know he knows it, but he’s wrong
      – explain your wife you like sausages
      – tell your room mate that quantic physic does not explain why dirty
      socks are always lying on the floor when you come back home
      – tell someone you come from another planet
      – remind your colleagues that the coffe machine also works with coins which
      are not coming from your own pocket
      – explain your little sister that the Black Eyed Peas don’t grow on the trees
      – tell your boyfriend you love him
      – remind your boyfriend that nobody wears socks along with shorts, except in Bavaria
      – send New Year greetings
      – tell your friends you are Borg and all resistance is futile
      – tell your friends that Britney Spears is Borg as well
      – explain to your sister that the cute guy of the laundry has a boyfriend
      – tell your room mate that according to the last molecular biology studies, hair
      can definitely not grow spontaneously in the bathroom

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      This looks like it might be some fun when a person has a little time :031:

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      Thanks for this I love it its pretty funny

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      This is soooooooooo cool!!!! Thanks again.:061:

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      This is funny!! I sent a secret admirer song to my daughter and she freaked out!! I told her who it was later…but it was funny!!!

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      How fun! Sent my godchildren a silly happy birthday song today!

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