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      FREE Shopping Tote – Earthbound Farm Organic … nQuiz.aspx

      Answers below !!!

      Score on the Earthbound Farm Conservation Quiz and win a free shopping tote!

      Companies and individuals, too, need to conserve resources in ways that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. At Earthbound Farm, we try to reduce, reuse, and promote recycling in our products and our business practices every day. You can see some of the things we’re doing throughout our website, and especially in our Caring for the Environment section.

      If you’re savvy about conservation, try taking this quiz — get 9 out of 10 questions right, and we’ll send you a free reusable (and recyclable) Earthbound Farm shopping tote that you can use to reduce environmental waste whenever you shop. (If you get stuck, just follow the links to pages with the answers you’re looking for.)

      Offer good for US and Canadian residents only, while supplies last. Quiz must be completed before Midnight PDT, April 30, 2008. One bag per mailing address. Bags will be shipped to recipients in June, 2008.


      1. What does sustainable mean?

      A way of using a resource so it’s not depleted or damaged, but preserved for future generations

      2. All farmers face similar challenges. What makes organic farmers different?

      Organic farmers use environmentally friendly alternatives to the synthetic fertilizers and toxic herbicides, fumigants, and insecticides used in conventional agriculture.

      3. How would using your own bag at the grocery store help the environment?

      If everyone used their own tote bag just once a year, we’d keep billions of plastic and paper shopping bags out of the waste stream and save about 60,000 trees.

      4. Earthbound Farm has switched to cartons made from PCR corrugate, which will save more than 100,000 trees and more than 43 million gallons of water a year over the 50% recycled corrugate we used before. What does PCR stand for?

      Post-Consumer Recycled

      5. Earthbound Farm plants trees to help offset our “carbon footprint.” How can you figure out your own “carbon footprint,” which is the greenhouse gas emissions generated by your personal activities?

      By using a tool like the Personal Climate Calculator at the American Forests website,

      6. How is Earthbound Farm using a renewable energy source to help reduce our dependence on petroleum?

      We’ve converted to biodiesel in our farm equipment and new company vehicles, and most of our partners are converting their farming equipment, too.

      7. In 2005, Earthbound Farm converted to fluorescent lighting in our facilities and offices, cutting our electrical use in half and saving 350 tons of CO2 emissions each year. What would happen in one year if every household in the US switched just one incandescent to a CFC bulb?

      Reduce air pollution as much as taking a million cars off the road for the year

      8. How will Earthbound Farm’s organic farming on 40,000 acres protect the environment in 2008?

      All of the above

      9. What helps make conservation initiatives viable for businesses?

      Finding conservation initiatives that are sustainable both economically and environmentally.

      10. The problems facing our environment are huge — but individuals really can make small choices that will add up to a big difference. What small choice could save you a lot of money and over 800 pounds of CO2 emissions in a year?

      Turning down your thermostat by 1 degree

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies FREE Shopping Tote – Earthbound Farm Organic