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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Drug Stores FREE Royal Jello

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      ****************** THIS WAS LAST WEEK******************************

      This week in the store flier is a store coupon for “5 Royal jellos for $1″ and at Publix and other grocery stores by the Royal jello displays in the blinkie machine is a coupon for $save $1 on 5 Royal jellos or puddings” Combine those at Walgreens and you can get 10 per customer free using 2 manufacturer coupons and 1 store coupon.

      I had my daughter go with me today to 3 different stores and we got 60 boxes of jello for FREE!!!


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      So Amy, you still have a bunch of Jello left?

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      This is awesome!! I love deals like this. Hopefully it will all come in handy!

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      man.. i love jello but i think i would get tired of jello by the 3rd box.. LOL!! but wow.. 60 boxes of jello.. wow..

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      Thanks for the reminder! I still have a few to use:)

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Drug Stores FREE Royal Jello