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      avocado plants

      you may need to try several seeds in order to got one
      to row, for some seeds rot. this venture will require
      patience as it takes time to grow a plant. soak the
      seed in a cup of lukewarm water 4 to 5 hours until you
      can remove the brown outer covering.

      Place three
      toothpicks in the seed to suspend it in a glass or jar,
      large end down. pour in enough water to cover the
      lower end. Set in a warm room (70 degrees) in a
      shaded spot.

      Add water as necessary so the bottom of
      the seed is always in water. The seed will begin to split
      as it starts to sprout. If the jar or glass is not
      transparent, carefully lift the seed out of the water
      from time to time to see if roots are forming.

      It will
      perhaps take 4 or 5 weeks at least. When the roots are
      about ? inch long, it is time to plant the seed. Place
      small pebbles in the bottom of a 5 inch pot for good

      Fill pot with soil using equal parts of sand,
      garden soil, & peat up to 1? inches of the top. Remove
      toothpicks from the seed being careful not to split it.
      Place seed in the middle of the pot.

      Carefully press or
      make a space for it in the soil until just the top of the
      seed is showing. Set the pot a pan of water. When the
      top of the soil feels moist, remove the pot from the

      Place in a window with good light (east or
      west). Do not let the soil dry out. This plant will keep a
      long time and be worth all the patience required.

      may need to shift it to a larger pot if the roots fill the
      pot and need more space. In the summer, plunge pot in
      the ground outdoors in a sheltered place. (Thanks to a
      steady Marengo listener.

      From the book, “Propagating
      House Plants”)

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      I am going to try this

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      Thanks – Gardening and planting is a past time of mine. Going to send for this one.

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      I am gonna try this also!!!

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      Thanks! My kids were just asking about how to plant the Avocado seed we just got!

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      I have grown 4 avocados just by putting the pit in potting soil in a pot. You can see a photo in my gardening album.

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      Now this is beyond super cool! I’m gonna try this next week. Thanks for posting!!

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      can you use a pit from an avocado you have eaten?

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      Thank you for the very helpful tips. I tried to grow one a while ago and it didn’t sprout at all. I will try again.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Gardening & Landscaping Free Plant- Grow an Avocado