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      In our community we have a Hazardous Wast Place that is associated with the dump. You can bring your un-used paint, cleaning products, etc., that they will dispose of properly. The best part is you can also get FREE paint and such from here.

      I have gotten alot of free paint, stain, and stripper from here. You may not always find the exact color you are looking for but I always find something real close or just mix some colors until you find what you want. This is a great way to keep all the chemicals out of the landfills plus it is free to the public.

      It is worth checking into to see if your community offers something like this. I have also gotten free mulch from the city this way.

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      That’s a great Idea! My son and his friends wanted to paint their bedrooms black and then splash 20 different colors all over the walls like a painters canvas. There was NO way I was buying all that paint!

      I’ll stop down today to see if I can find some colors he can use.
      Thanks for the idea!

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      In Salt Lake City,the Re-store or Habitat for Humanity has used paint for I think it is $1 a can. Still a very good price. I have been able to acquire a lot of paint from the recycle shack at the landfill and also watching for people giving way paint.

      Hardest part is getting a color you can use, I will also mix colors.

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