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      Free Cruelty Kit.. Cant find the eye rolling smilie, but if I could, I’d Use it

      Kentucky Fried Cruelty :: Get Active :: Organize a Demonstration

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      My kids hate KFC….they are really into this cruelty thing too!!

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      But the original recipe is soooooo good. We only eat there a few times a year, but it is kinda like White Castle ~ you just crave it once in awhile.

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      What the heck is this all about? I thought this was a joke.The only way to eat chicken is to kill it,so what’s the beef about?Get a life.

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      I do not think anyone meant to offend you, I think we all eat meat. At least I meant, KFC hardly has any meat on it, but I crave the coating, once in awhile. And let’s admit, White Castle is not the best quality of beef, but you have to have it once in awhile.

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      I guess if you don’t eat meat it would be that thing to do. In my house we eat meat, so doing something like this isn’t worthing our time. All us would be surprised at alot of things that happen in this cruel world.

      We would spend the rest of our days being mad all the time. What good is it doing that, there are better things to be done.

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      Yup-we don’t discriminate, I post’em ALL. If it’s free, it’s listed

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      If you truly don’t like the cruelty a lot of the best way is to go vegan, but it’s too harsh of a lifestyle for me. KFC is bad for chickens, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, and the others all have at least some places where they’re (future) meat is treated horribly. Most hot dog plants are hideous.

      (Horray for living in the midwest where touring hot dog plants is one of the required field trips in elementary schools). Your choice is to give up meat, or learn to let it go. And I crave chicken, beef, pork, and fish too often, but that’s a personal choice.

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      lol i used to work for kfc as a teenager, i got fired b/c i kept calling my manager dan, dan the chicken man

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Free KFC Cruelty Kit