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      SINGLE GAME – where you play as long as you can, while the game keeps getting harder. The ladybug will keep trying to get to the top. Don’t let her do that, or it’s game over!

      ARCADE MODE – where you make your way through 30 levels with challenges of increasing difficulty. Can you make 4 words with unique letters in less than 4 minutes? What about a chain of 5 words where each word starts with the last two letters of the previous one?

      A challenging game in a beautiful setup, for all word game fans!

      App Shopper: Wordaisy (Games)

      Wrecker Ball

      Game features 3d physics play.

      Long afternoons on the boardwalk knocking over milk bottles and eating cotton candy invariably end at the arcade for a few hundred games of Wrecker Ball. After pumping in quarters for hours you might be rewarded with a 99 cent teddy bear, but that’s not the point — the point is to roll the ball at the boxes, over and over again, until madness fills the air, mingling with the smell of corn dogs and taffy as stiff as asphalt. Welcome to the Jersey Shore. You got a problem with that?

      App Shopper: Wrecker Ball (Games)

      All Hallow’s Eve

      HOW FAR CAN YOU GET? Compete on a global leaderboard by avoiding the legion of horrors to collect the ingredients for a fun Halloween.

      OVERWHELMED? Collect enough candy and unleash a deadly lightning attack, destroying the approaching horde.

      Some enemies are vulnerable to the Witch’s Broom. Poke the Evil Eye or the Floating Zombie’s Balloon to clear the path ahead.

      -Floating Zombies
      -Evil Eye
      -Vampire Bats
      -Flaming Jack O’Lantern
      -Creepy Ghosts
      -Bloody Butcher Knives
      -and more!

      *Open Feint *
      *Global LeaderBoards
      * Achievements
      * Friend List with Facebook integration
      * Random Levels: Never the Same Game Twice

      App Shopper: All Hallow’s Eve: Witch’s Ride (Games)


      Create words out of blocks of letters that either fall down or are already placed on the field.
      Blocks that have been placed can be moved. You have to destroy all fixed blocks of letters (drawn in a dark color) to win the game. Blocks are controlled by tapping them and moving your finger on the touch screen. Blocks flashing white indicate a valid word. You can choose to destroy an entire flashing block of letters by double tapping it. All words with at least four letters and no more than eight letters are considered valid words. The game only supports the 26 standard letters. Special letters need to be replaced.

      App Shopper: Braintris (Games)

      free event runs from Oct 23 through Oct 25 and includes:

      Spikey’s Bounce Around (std $2.99)

      Rat On The Run (std $0.99)

      Lucky Coins (std $1.99)

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Free IPhone Games