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      Floating off to sleep… with a free sample of new Horlicks Extra Light

      Getting a good night?s sleep is likely to involve a good night?s dreaming too. Help yourself float off to sleep and enjoy those dreams with a soothing mug of new Horlicks Extra Light. We have 10,000 free samples up for grabs, but hang on to that mug, as this Horlicks product is so light, it could float away

      Do you dream of flying? Falling? Losing your teeth? The chances are you sometimes do. These are just a few of the things lots of us find ourselves dreaming about, and we may wake up wondering what those dreams mean.

      Why we dream is a bit of a mystery ? some experts believe dreaming exercises our brain as we sleep, others that dreams express our unconscious thoughts. What we do know is that sleep is divided into stages, and we dream when we?re in the REM ? rapid eye movement ? stage, at the start and end of our night?s sleep. We often remember our dreams because they?re in this stage of lighter sleep. The non-REM stage is deep sleep when our body recharges, refreshes and renews? and even loses weight: according to the creators of the cosy-sounding Hibernation Diet we burn more fat when we?re asleep than at any other time. Could be a dream come true for dieters.

      So what could some of those key dream themes mean? Flying may symbolise happiness, or reaching your goals. Dreaming you?re falling could be interpreted as something unresolved in your life. And losing teeth or hair might be a sign you?re feeling frightened or insecure.

      Other dreams involve eating or feeling hungry. If you?re trying to lose weight, you may find yourself day-dreaming about ?forbidden? foods. However, dreams of hunger may mean a longing or craving for wealth, power, satisfaction or affection just as much as for biscuits and bars of chocolate. If you feel guilty about eating certain foods, guilt about all kinds of other things may manifest itself in your dreams. And according to Freud, dreams of eating are connected to sexuality, so it may be more than cream cakes that you desire?

      The makers of Horlicks have been in the bedtime business for generations, so they understand that a better night?s sleep needn?t be a distant dream. Now they has created a new, low calorie Horlicks Extra Light for anyone who dreams of enjoying a deliciously sweet treat without piling on the pounds. Drift off with Horlicks Extra Light in dreamy, creamy-tasting malt chocolate, malt, amaretto, caramel or vanilla varieties, each just 40 calories a cup.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies FREE Horlicks Extra Light Drink Sample – Bounty