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      Since December 2006, this Web site operated by DVM Consulting has offered about 400 different recipes for dog and cat food that can be customized to the weight, age and reproductive status of individual healthy, adult pets. Recipes are $20 each and include two versions, one using human supplements purchased over the counter and one using a special formulation sold by the company. That supplement, also called Balance It, can be purchased on the same Web site (the cat formulation lasts about three months; the dog formulation lasts about a month; and each is around $35).

      DVM is offering pet owners one free trial recipe. Choose a recipe, sign up for an account with them. Fill out your pets information. I had to weed through a few recipes (there are a ton to choose from and choosing one is really hard) to find one that had human supplements (you find out on the next screen). At the cart screen you will type in the code “homemade” and click “apply” during checkout. Fill out your information and click continue/purchase. You will then be taken to another screen where you can copy, print, etc. the recipe.

      I found this site referred to me by the American Association of Veterinary Nutrition, so all of these recipes are checked by a vet to make sure your dog/cat gets all the right nutrition. I found the code in an online article from

      I got the Sweet and Sour Pork last night for our 55 lb 6yr old male and would be willing to trade recipes if you have a dog similar in age/size. That way we can get a couple recipes for free.

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      I do not have a dog, but if you can remember another one that looked familiar, I will get it for you. Maybe Liss would let us stash them somewhere, for everyone to use. Anyone have any ideas?

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      Hey guys, there is a Pet Food recipe Section on B101 already- I think we have 160+ Recipes here:
      Tips n Tricks Pet Food Recipes

      If you want to get a recipe and email it to or post it here in this thread, I will add them to the site (rewriting them of course so we don’t violate anyones copyrights!)

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Free Homemade Dog/Cat pet Food Recipe