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      Musicians Friend is offering a call in. You will get a automated message choose 4 first ,then choose the option to speak to a customer service representative. Mention you watched the online video.

      Call 1-866-926-1931
      select 4 (Customer Service)
      select 6 (Other)
      Tell them you called about the Fender t-shirt offer. If they ask for a code, it’s: tone

      The customer service rep never asked me for the code only my name and address and said he’d get my info right over to Fender.


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      anne loves freebies

      Its been 2 months and no free shirt I have never gotton a free shirt yet lol anne

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      I just got mine last Friday (I called to request it the day I posted this thread) so yea, it took a little while…hopefully yours will come soon! I was psyched b/c I usually don’t get the t-shirts either but this one was pretty nice. Good luck 🙂

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      I got mine as well, when I ordered it they said Fender mails them out at the end of the month.

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      Need new code. Tone doesn’t work anymore

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      i love t shirts! They are good to sleep in!

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      If anyone else does this, you need to watch the video to get a new code (codes are only good for a couple of hours). Also, the shirt sizes do run a little small, so order 1 or 2 sizes larger. Yes they are nice shirts.

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      where do i go to watch the video

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      I found the old link, but it looks like it is no longer active. Sorry

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      thats the way it usually goes for free t-shirts…

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