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      Sight for Students offers certificates towards free frames, lenses, and
      exams for those without insurance, and who are under 200% of federal
      guidelines. You can only get 1 certificate per 12 months, so if the
      child loses or breaks them, they won’t replace them.

      I think this is US only, but I’m not 100% on that. The certificates are
      not accepted at all optomitrists, though. You have to look through
      their list of doctors who participate in the program.

      I didn’t find any
      franchise places (like DOC, Pearle Vision, etc) in my area, all were
      private optomitrists, which might also be better for garuntee’s on the
      glasses, too.

      It doesn’t say there is a limit on how many children per family they
      will give the certificates to, just that they need to be under 18 years
      of age, under 200% of federal poverty guidelines, and not have any type
      of medicaid, medicare, or optical insurance.

      Maybe this can help someone out!

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