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      Today’s engineers working in communications, consumer electronics and aerospace/defense are faced with increasingly complex measurement challenges and rapidly changing technology. A strong foundation in basic measurement techniques is essential for success.

      This complimentary resource contains material covering a wide variety of topics of applicable to hardware, firmware, test system and system integration engineers. From design simulation, to digital and RF/uW measurement techniques, the knowledge contained on this disc will help you be more efficient and effective, whether you are in R&D or manufacturing.


      Analyze Agile or Elusive Signals Using Real-time Measurement and Triggering
      DC Power Supply Fundamentals to Get the Most Out of Your Applications
      Digitizer Fundamentals: Design Considerations to Achieve Superior Measurements
      Network Analysis Back to Basics
      Signal Analyzer Fundamentals and New Applications
      Signal Generator Fundamentals and New Applications
      Three Steps to Successful Modulation Analysis
      And more!
      App Notes

      Fundamentals of Arbitrary Waveform Generation
      Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements
      Impedance Measurement Handbook
      Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis
      Differences in Application Between Power Dividers and Power Splitters
      Oscilloscope Fundamentals
      8 Hints for Better Measurements with Analog RF Signal Generators
      8 Hints for Better Spectrum Analysis
      10 Fundamentals You Need to Know About Your DC Power Supply
      10 Hints for Successful Noise Figure Measurements
      And More!

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Free DVD – Modern Measurement Fundamentals (company name required)