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      Free Sample of Decadent Delights Chocolate

      this goes through like a store order. I put mine in last week sometime, just got an email saying it has been shipped I should receive by Wed or thursday.

      as of 10/14/08 they are asking for shipping
      guess they got too many requests.

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      Oh my milk choc toffee crunch-do hope to recieve this.
      Chocs are good anytime. :051:

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      Wow that was super easy. Thank you!

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      I thought it was too so I was waiting to see if I got it before posting it. After receiving the email I figured it was safe to list. Will let you know how they are when I get mine in the next couple of days!!!!

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      I recieved a “Order Confirmation” already. Thank-You again.

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      This is all mine……when i got my cookie in the mail from kashi…the hubby ate it….this is mine!! thanks!!

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      Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee Crunch…heaven!!!!!!!! lol

      no one in this house will know anything about this in the mailbox! i’ll be stalking our mailman until i get it, lmfao!!!

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      rofl i am just hoping i can get to the mailbox before my three year old. the mailman gives her suckers so she watches like a hawk for him lol

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      lol i had to share mine too hoping to hide this until no one is around lol

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      @faxonfive 85659 wrote:

      This is ALL mine……when I got my cookie in the mail from Kashi…the hubby ate it….this is MINE!! Thanks!!

      hahaha, all I could see while I was reading this was your taz avatar mowing pumpkin and I started laughing like a freak . . .

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      Chocolate is always good….especially when it’s free.:great:

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      It says limit of 2 samples per customer so don’t forget to put 2 in your cart. 🙂

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      I definitely put 2 in my cart:candy:

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      Can’t wait! Chocolate–yes!!!

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      Guess I wasn’t paying attention; I didn’t put two! :088:

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      Thanks! I ordered a milk and a dark chocolate sample-Yum!

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      Guess they’ve gotten too many requests, now they want you to pay shipping….oh well

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      Im not sure if I did or not LOL

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      Oh no, LOL guess we bombarded them with requests yesterday. Wondered how they were affording it since they are sending them priority. How much are they asking for shipping now?

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      It states on the link in large letters you have to pay for shipping.

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      My shipping was cost was $4.95 so I didnt do it. Let us know if it is worth the $4.95 when someone receives them. 🙂

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      this is something they just added, it was free as I am sure everyone who got these yesterday will support. hopefully they wont come back and ask for shipping from them. I entered no info for credit card etc when I got mine

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      I will do that I should have mine this week. Wednesday or Thursday my shipping email said. In the mean time I suggest maybe we move this to almost free

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      I am having to pay for shipping?? did anyone else??

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      They added shipping as of today from what I am gathering. I am guessing they are having a lot of requests. they do send it priority so i would think that is getting expensive with many requests.

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      If they are shipping it priority and charging $4.95 they are just getting the cost of shipping. Yesterday there was nothing about shipping and no request for credit card information. Bet they were hit with a lot of requests.

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      ok got my candy, it is good. Shipping cost on them though is 1.91 so they are over charging for shipping. I wouldn’t waste my money russell stovers is just as good

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      I hope mine comes soon, I’m craving some chocolate and there is none in the house!

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Free decadent delights chocolate sample