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      go to Then you choose your state and fill

      out info. It is totally free and I think govt. approved.

      After you

      fill out all the info it will take you to page where you will see link

      for all 3 major credit report site. You click on first then it will

      ask you if you wana go to that page say yes. It will take you out of

      their site and to credit agency’s site. You will get free report but

      it will ask you if you wana buy credit score for any where from 6 to

      10 bucks. diff on diff agency. We have gotten our report there.

      If you

      are just checking to see if all info is right then just get free

      report but if you know its right and you are thiking about buying

      house what not then buy the score because that is the best way to find

      out what you credit really is like. At the annualecreditreport site

      you can either just check one agency at time or all 3 at onces but you

      can do it for free just 1 time a yr. so you can check all three today

      or say check report on 1 agency today then 4 months down from other

      ect ect. you get point. Make sure you go thru the annualcredit report

      then go to each major agencys site. Other wise they will ask you for

      cc like you see.

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