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      If you are worried about credit card fraud, go to a reputable company

      site like to pull your credit report. They only need your

      credit card number for payment–trust me, they already have all of your

      account numbers if they wanted to do anything with that info. If you

      are wanted to check it before you inquire about a loan, you should call

      the bank you want a loan from and find out what company they will be

      using to pull your credit report and then get a copy of your report

      from there. Something different reporting companies have different

      information depending on who is submitting info to them. I don’t think

      you are going to find a free comprehensive report from anywhere. But

      like I said, if your are worried about giving one of them your credit

      card number, you really don’t need to be becuase they already have it

      in thier files–which you will learn as soon as you see your report.



      — In, “Jamieson Fredrick”



      > Does anyone know of where I can get a free credit report (emphasis

      being on free)… they all claim to be free, but require you to give

      your credit card number, and i just don’t trust that…

      > any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

      > please feel free to e-mail me offlist at jfredrick@m…

      > thanks!!

      > -jamieson

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