Free Chipotle Burrito Day Oct. 31.2008

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      Chipotle Free Burrito Day – Oct 31, 2008
      Free Chipotle burrito at participating locations on October 31, 2008

      Just wear an article of tinfoil (or go all out and wear a burrito uniform) to get your delicious prize. 😀

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      The link shows a photo. Went to Chipotle’s website and saw no info about the free burrito. Where did you find the info?


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      Many Chipotle’s do this every year.

      A chipotle employee confirms:
      This event is real, and it starts at 6 pm on Halloween night.

      So, call your local Chipotle to confirm. In my experience, the lines are relatively long.

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      I checked with my local Chipotle and they confirmed that they’re giving the burritos away from 6-10 on Halloween. The guy I spoke to mentioned that its important to wear tin foil in some way, shape or form…

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      *BUMP* This is Tonight! :coffin:

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      Right when I get off work…might have time to run by there…really isnt too far from home!!!

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      The one down the street from me is doing it…Yum…Free Burrito tonight…and their food is good too!

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      best freebie ever!!!! we donned our tin foil outfits and headed to our local chipotle after feeding all the trick or treaters. the chipotle people were super nice and the burritos were huge!

      that was awesome!

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      I’ve never been to a Chipotle, but they just built one near us. Is their food good? Is it expensive?

      Thanks! 🙂

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      Well, I had to work last night and I figured I would run by there……We were so busy with people getting pizza to feed their familes (Halloween is the busiest day of the year for pizza with the exception of the day before Thanksgiving) and we got slammed!!! So when I left was too late to go..I called my friend who went and she said her whole family ate and it was great!!! (4 in her family) and she said they all doned an aluminum foil hat.

      I look forward to seeing those pictures. Sorry I missed this one!!

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      Yep, the food is good, but it’s a little spendy. That’s why it was such a nice treat!

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      I missed it as well, more so I was just to lazy to go, wish I would have. The burritoes are huge and taste great. There is one 2 blocks away, but they have been doing construction on the free way, so you need to go 15 blocks out of your way, just to get there.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Free Chipotle Burrito Day Oct. 31.2008