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      image not availableWell, in our quest to share every weird freebie under the sun, this one really takes the cake!

      The Eastern Catalytic engineering department is constantly developing catalytic converters for new car and truck applications. We develop our Direct-Fit converters by fitting them to the specific vehicle they’re designed for. If your car or truck is one of the vehicles we’re developing a new system for, you may be able to receive a new, no-cost catalytic converter, and we could even install it on your vehicle for free.*

      In order to qualify for a free system, you must be willing to leave your vehicle with our developers for up to 5 days or send your original non modified or cut converter to our development facility in Langhorne, PA

      While your vehicle is with our developers, we assume responsibility for it. Like all Eastern Catalytic Converters, the replacement system you receive will meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufactures specifications for fit and performance.

      * Free Converter replacements available only for vehicles whose converters are broken, damaged and/or have a MIL light on, indicating a converter problem. We do not guarantee that the new converter will correct the MIL light condition, and additional parts may be required. Eastern Catalytic does not provide vehicle diagnostics or repairs, and does not sell additional parts.

      Free Catalytic Converter – Eastern Manufacturing

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Free Catalytic Converter