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      The item you purchase to satisfy your need of instant gratification

      is draining your budget. You bought it!

      1. The clothing ensemble for that special engagement.

      2. Television advertisement

      3. Home shopping network

      4. Grocery shopping � extra items not on your grocery list

      As you shop for groceries you find instant oatmeal, instant grits,

      instant coffee, instant pudding and instant rice. Whatever sport you

      watch on television, you’ll find an instant replay. Looking online

      for a job you’ll see ads on becoming an instant millionaire.

      Everybody loves to play the infamous instant lottery.

      Some diets want you to believe that you can loose weight instantly

      with a pill. The fat just melts off. Another pill that works

      instantly is the one for a headache. Please don’t forget about the

      newest must have craze, instant messaging.

      Product marketing has created a society of people who can’t wait.

      Somewhere in Corporate America a marketing team decided that 20

      minute rice was too long and it needed to be cooked in 1 minute.

      Minute rice made the old cheap plastic bag of rice move to the bottom

      shelf. Product marketing have now managed to take the longest game

      in the world, chess, and made it instant.

      People don’t save money because they are making too many sacrifices

      and their balances aren’t growing fast enough. They want their $100

      savings account they just opened to be worth $1,000 by the end of the

      year. After all, the bank was paying interest.

      Seeking instant gratification is not good money management. Change

      the way you think about spending money and saving money. Rethink

      your wants and prioritize your needs.

      You work hard for your money. Now, make your money work hard for


      Jo Ann Brown Author

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