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      Free Bra from stock 23

      Get a free bra for filling out the form.

      stock 23 is one of the largest dealers of wholesale liquidation, overstock, return and surplus apparel in the USA.

      Will ship to USA, Canada South America UK and China only

      sizes s-xl

      Stock23 – Free Bra

      colors black white and pink available

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      Wow essentials for free!

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      Sounds great but what is sizing? Cannot find on website. Bras are S/M/L so what does that translate to in terms of cup & torso size?

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      I am not certain but I did put in my size that I wear in a sports bra-hopefully it will still fit, if not then sure hope I know someone who it would fit.

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      has anyone gotten this bra?

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      thank you.

      we will do our best to ship your gift as soon as possible

      now thats what i am talking about! that is awsome i need a new bra like nobody’s business lol

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      It looks like alot of could use one Bean, Lolll All jokes aside. And like Kim, stated if it doesn’t fit we surely can find someone that it will.

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      I haven’t gotten this one yet.

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      Yes we could all us one for sure. Free or not. Guess we’ll all see if we get or not.

      Or if it even fits.

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      KawaiiGiggle, Haven’t recieved this one yet.

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      I didnt receive it either, maybe it’s time to move’r to the DUDS.

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      neh.. it sounded too good to be true. a free bra?!

      i know at least 4 of my friends filled out for one also, and they never got it…. it’s just weird how certain companies say “we’ll send you a free _____ *fill in the blank*” and never do.. what has this world come to?

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      I think it a dub also
      Recently not getting any freebies
      it just me or what

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      Yeah I never got this either 🙁

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      Didnt receive anything here….shucks!!!

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      Well – when you get to my age and NEVER leave the house you don’t need one anyway!!!

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Duds Free Bra from Stock 23