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      To receive your free* sample of New Bounce® AwakeningsTM

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      sorry couldn’t figure out how to make a link!

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      All you need to do is Click once on the icon in your browser window, upper left side of the page (the field will highlight) make sure you are on the page that you want to make the link for. click on COPY from the EDIT dropdown menu. Click on the area where you want the link, click PASTE from the EDIT dropdown menu, link will appear, click your space bar 1 time and you are done. Type away to add any text.

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      Also you could have just typed in this would have made the link as well. ***Remember to always hit your space bar once, after the link.

      I hope this helps, I need to download a software program to snap a picture to document steps. It is early Sat morning, a few cups of coffee, thoughts are running. Have a good day.

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      thanks we use a lot of them

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      i clicked on link and it said error

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      Thanks for the free bounce sheets

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