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      Free Easy Bakeware items just pay shipping and handling (s&h starts from $1)


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      Warning about this! There is a catch to it with the $1 shipping. It will automatically sign you up for a membership to some “fun” club and charge $14.95 to your debit or credit card every month.

      If you pay the $7.95 S+H then you get the item “free”.

      Just FYI! 🙂

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      Thanks for sharing that.
      That’s how they usually get ya. Get one thing and you have to buy more and more stuff.

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      I was going to do this one until I read about the $1 deal….then I clicked to pay full shipping but I thought the $7.95 was just too high despite them saying retail on the bakeware is $19.99

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      Oh Great! So if I did this, how do I get this $14.95 cancelled??!!?!?

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      I received an e-mail for this fun club thing afterwards, all I did was went to the fun club site and canceled my membership. They didnt charge me a dime. Dont know if my 1$ item will come now though.

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      :angel1: i tried this 1 , I do love the bakeware but I went through alot of crap to cancel membership. When I signed up it was for a month long trial. 1 week later the charges for $1 ( which was what I agreed to) & for $14.95 showed up on my check card & made me bounce a check.

      I talked to them for a total of 3 1/2 hours – went thru 5 different people & finally got a supervisor. They finally told me they looked into it & I was right ! The money would be creditted to my account by the end of july.( this was in the middle of june) someone tell me- how come it takes days to take the money out, & a month to put it back???

      oh well, chock it up to a lesson learned!!!

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Duds Free bakeware