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      FREE Bag Sample – Pet Pick-Ups (CALLIN) … =home.mitt

      To receive a free sample, please call our telephone number at 303-443-8914 and leave your complete mailing address :First name , Last name, address , city state and zipcode.

      Found wherever pets are welcome

      Every day in every part of our country millions of dogs go out with their owners to the neighborhood playground, the town park or just for a nice walk down the street and back. Sometimes they go further afield and go on a camping trip, a hiking expedition, a beach picnic or to visit family friends in another town. Often they just go out in their own backyard. Wherever they go, every dog, every day deposits waste. And dog waste, if not cleaned up, will, ultimately, contribute to environmental pollution.

      In keeping with their commitment to animals and the environment, Pet Pick-Ups designed mitt-like bags to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets in an easy, sanitary and convenient way.

      The environmentally friendly mitts are made of 75% reprocessed plastic and 25% cornstarch. They are also available as mitts made of 100% reprocessed plastic.

      Our customers know that picking up after your pet is more than good manners…it’s good for a healthy environment.

      It’s the responsible thing to “doo”.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies FREE Bag Sample – Pet Pick-Ups (CALLIN)