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      The #1 NY Times and WSJ Bestsellers, The 4-Hour Body® and The 4-Hour Chef®. Anytime. Anywhere.…

      The 4-Hour Body App is the most complete diet and fitness tracking and coaching app on Android. It is exclusive to the readers of the #1 NYT and WSJ bestsellers, The 4-Hour Body® and The 4-Hour Chef® by Tim Ferriss.

      It enables you to manage the diets and the workouts all in one place, i.e. you don’t need to switch back and forth between multiple apps.

      We believe weight loss and muscle gain are lifestyle changes and this app is here to help you with them.

      This app is for you if you

      ☆ Feel drowned in the plethora of information and details in the book
      ☆ Need a push forward every now and then
      ☆ Are juggling several tools for your tracking or hate being that guy in the gym walking around with a notebook
      ☆ Catch yourself constantly going back to the book and shuffling through the pages to check out some detail
      ☆ Need the most important information at your fingertips anywhere you go
      ☆ Scratch your head wondering if you’re performing the unconventional workouts correctly
      ☆ Forget to take your supplements on time
      ☆ Miss your workouts and kick yourself for that
      ☆ Need step-by-step instructions to achieve your desired weight loss or muscle gain

      What’s Inside:

      ☆ QUICK REFERENCE: There’s a cheat sheet inside containing the complete food list. Take it to the supermarket, office, bar, the gym, wherever you go

      ☆ RECORD AND TRACK MEASUREMENTS: Keep all your measurements (body fat, weight, total inches, photos, etc) in one place and share them with friends. Seeing progress in changing numbers makes the repetitive fascinating and creates a positive feedback loop

      ☆ SUPPLEMENT REMINDER: Are the doses and timing of the supplements such as PAGG confusing and easy to miss? Not anymore!

      ☆ RECIPES: Free recipes from #1 WSJ and NYT bestseller, The 4-Hour Chef

      ☆ MEAL SCHEDULER: Schedule your SCD meals and recipes and get reminded automatically

      ☆ WORKOUT TRACKER: Accurately and comfortably record and track your Kettlebell and Occam’s Protocol workouts

      ☆ WORKOUT COACH: Designed to warn you of common mistakes and motivate you to stay on track

      ☆ PROGRESS CHARTS: Track your body fat and see your progress on a simple chart. Progress charts for your 4HB workouts (sets, reps, weights) and body weight are created automatically

      ☆ CHEAT DAY LIST: Manage your cravings on the slow carb diet by adding them to the app

      ☆ NOTE: NO FOOD LOGGING. Please see the free Slow-Carb Diet app for simple photo food tracking


      Just reach us via if you’re not 100% satisfied.

      But isn’t your ideal body worth a little more than a trip to a cafe? What’s a few dollars compared to hundreds of dollars spent on supplements?

      #Budget101 #Freebies

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Free Andriod Diet & Fitness Tracking App – The Official 4-Hour Body