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      We’ve switched to Homesteading and in doing so, we’ve discovered so many wonderful ways to save money. Here’s one that I think you’ll appreciate as well- it’s how we heat our home for FREE with a virtually limitless supply of fuel.

      We make our own slow burning fuel logs out of Junk Mail, which Is never ending! Well, obviously this is for those of you with woodstoves! We opt to avoid brightly colored inks and Glossy paper/glossy ads for these logs because the chemicals they’re made with aren’t healthy to breathe.

      Free and Virtually Unlimited Fuel to Heat your Home

      You’ll Need
      (2) 5 Gallon Pails
      a drill/ 3/16 drill bit
      Junk Mail Galore

      Drill several holes through the bucket and on the bottom directly.

      Place the bucket with drilled holes in it within another bucket (without holes!)

      Dump in your junk mail, envelopes, newspapers, grass clippings, dryer lint, etc

      Fill it with water to cover the paper (about 4 gallons) and leave it overnight.

      The next day blend the paper in the water, which takes about a minute total, creating a nice mulchy paste.

      Press the water out of the pulp, compressing it. As you can see in the video below, you can reserve the water and use it again.

      Flip the bucket over and drop out the log, let it dry and you have a long-term burning log= FREE Fuel!!

      Our neighbors are really great about saving their newspapers for us too.

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