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      I know that Sprint doesn’t charge additional for a call to Free 411 (other than airtime) when I have used it. SunCom is the first firm that I’ve ever heardof that does. Apparently someone in their pricing department is slick and doesn’t miss a trick as they say!

      To the member who mentioned texting to Google for the data, I never heard of this and will tell my 2 college freshman as they are savy with texting and lazy with the automated voice response unit on Free 411.

      As far as the 58 y.o. DH, he doesn’t know how to text yet and isn’t too interested in learning all that “newfangled young people stuff” so I am still banging my head against the wall. His complaint is that the voice response unit frequently doesn’t understand him and either gives him bad data, a bad headache or raised blood pressure by the time he gets a live attendant to speak with him. The sponsors ads are surprisingly not part of his annoyance — go figure . . .


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      Hi. I just wanted to share some new information about 800-free411. I use it as well and found charges on my cell phone bill. My company (SunCom) says they charge a regular “information” fee each time i use it. I’m sure this is based on the company of SunCom…but just be careful and make sure your cell phone provider doesn’t charge.


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      I have the same number in my cell phone and use it whenever I need a number. It is a great budget saver in my opinion.

      It is simply a matter of trying to retrain this 58 year old man (Ha! Ha!)

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      I am normally a lurker but couldn’t help but respond to your comment on
      DH spending on 411 calls on the cell phone.

      Free 411 via cell phone is 1-800-373-3411. I have it programmed in my
      cell phone and I use it all the time and it only counts against your
      normal minutes (whatever cell phone plan you have). Hope this helps you
      or someone else. Thanks


      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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