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      Hi. I just wanted to share some new information about 800-free411. I use it as well and found charges on my cell phone bill. My company (SunCom) says they charge a regular “information” fee each time i use it. I’m sure this is based on the company of SunCom…but just be careful and make sure your cell phone provider doesn’t charge.


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      I have the same number in my cell phone and use it whenever I need a number. It is a great budget saver in my opinion.

      It is simply a matter of trying to retrain this 58 year old man (Ha! Ha!)

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      I am normally a lurker but couldn’t help but respond to your comment on
      DH spending on 411 calls on the cell phone.

      Free 411 via cell phone is 1-800-373-3411. I have it programmed in my
      cell phone and I use it all the time and it only counts against your
      normal minutes (whatever cell phone plan you have). Hope this helps you
      or someone else. Thanks


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