Fooled them again!!

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      — In, Christy wrote:
      > Hi everyone…I pray ya’ll are doing well today
      > I have recently started buying powered milk to use for cooking…I
      mix it up in a 1/2 gallon milk jug…my youngest son went to the
      fridge the other day and grabbed the powered milk…poured a big
      glass and downed it in two gulps…put it back and went about his
      day….LOL…I about came apart in stitches from laughing so
      hard…he didn’t even know…so yesterday I mix our almost empty
      regular milk with powered and I just know they’ll never know…except
      my husband…he’s so funny…if he knows …then he can tell the

      I’ve been doing this for months now. I have a large box of powdered
      milk envelopes in the cupboard. Everytime the milk gets to about 1/2
      full I mix up an envelope and add it to the milk.

      dh busted me the
      other day and said there was no way he would drink the milk. i
      laughed and told him he has been since may lol!!! kim in mi

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