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      Hi, Tressa,

      I'm a vegetarian too. (We're actually eating a lot more vegan meals now, but still not totally vegan.) There are lots of cheap meals you can make. Look at different grains and beans and nuts. We buy in bulk (big 6 gallon buckets), so that makes it cheaper. But any amount of bulk will usually be cheaper. We also make our own soy milk and use the leftover okara (soy pulp) to make soy burgers, crackers, bread, etc. Sprouts are cheap if you grow them yourself, and there are some great places online to get the seeds. I also have a dehydrator, so I dehydrate veggies and fruit, make crackers, fruit leathers, etc. I also make my own granola, which is much more filling and cheaper than storebought. TVP can also be good. My husband didn't know it was TVP the first time he ate it! Of course, we have our old standbys for emergencies and my not-so-creative days (burritos and such). But I'm actually eating a wider variety of foods now than when I ate meat. And it can be a lot cheaper in many ways. Miserly Meals by Jonni McCoy has a vegetarian section. I like a lot of the old cookbooks too. I have one–I think it's called the New Farm Cookbook–that has some good, basic vegetarian recipes. You might also check out Sarah Kramer's books. They have a lot of MYO ideas in them. If you have any questions, just let me know. I'm happy to help.


      On 7/16/08, Tressa Watts[/b] <> wrote:

      Alot is written about saving on the MYO recipes.. I love this but I have a hard time finding things to eat since I became vegetarian 2 years ago. I find myself eating the same things and eating veggie isnt alsways cheap either..HELP ! My family still eats meat. I am the only odd ball. But I do eat eggs/dairy etc.


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