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      No you are not an oddball! LOL

      I am a vegan–so I do not eat anything that comes from an animal.

      My children eat some meat (but everything else I feed them is vegan safe and they have no clue)…. So I understand where you are coming from.

      Most recipes I take the concept and swap ingredients that I eat. Sometimes it turns out, sometimes not so much. It is kind of a trial and error process. The more you do it the more success you will have. Beans are a life saver. You can use beans as a filler for so many recipes. Casseroles are really easy to swap ingredients.

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      From: Tressa Watts
      Date: 7/16/2008 5:29:51 PM
      To: budgetgroup
      Subject: : Food savings..

      Alot is written about saving on the MYO recipes.. I love this but I have a hard time finding things to eat since I became vegetarian 2 years ago. I find myself eating the same things and eating veggie isnt alsways cheap either..HELP ! My family still eats meat. I am the only odd ball. But I do eat eggs/dairy etc.

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