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      You may want to check this out see, if it is available in your area.

      I was in Food Lion yesterday. Sign on food lion sugar 5 lb bag said due to a misprint in advertisement Food Lion Sugar 1.50 limit of 4. Im not sure what the misprint was if it was the sugar itself or the limit or what or what areas had the misprint.

      Just thought I would let you know in case this is available in your area also.:bounce:

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      No Food Lion around here. I miss Food Lion! 🙂

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      Looks like I have my dad looking for good deals for me too LOL. He came for easter lunch today and had stopped by foodlion picked me up 4 more bags of sugar :044:

      I see myself going back before wednesday! Anyone know how long sugar stays good for

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      I had a post recently about freezing sugar, someone told me you didn’t need to freeze it, and here is another answer from the same posting:

      “Like someone said sugar keeps “forever” and so does honey,and salt, since bacteria cannot grow in it because of high specific activity of water. It means that anything put in a sugary, or extremely salty medium looses water, not being able to survive. Of course there are bacteria that can live in these mediums, but these do not exist in common household.

      So sugar will keep forever. As someone also said in this thread it will have to be kept from moisture, otherwise it will pack. To prevent this you can put some rice in the sugar holder, that will withdraw moisture.

      You can do that with salt either.”

      Hope this helps you. Our Food Lion has the same sale.

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Grocery Stores Food Lion sugar