FOOD EMERGENCY!! Jello woes.

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Equivalents & Substitutions FOOD EMERGENCY!! Jello woes.

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      I’ve got to have blue jello. My son has a Veterans program at 8:30 in the A.M. No blue jello in this town.

      Googled but little solid imfo. I grabbed plain gelitan and blue gatoraide. I do have some( Er…

      A few maybe 4 cups) of 100 % Apple juice. Can I do anything with theses ingrediants. Make jello I mean.

      I’m making a poke cake so I will pour blue jello on one layer. Red on another etc etc. I’m also making jello and condensed milk red white and blue” cut glass.”

      I have food coloring. I have to go to church but will be home in about an hour an a half. If you can help I’ll sure owe you a biggy.

      Thanks Angel.

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      I would try it with the gatorade and some food coloring. I wouldn’t add the apple juice because I’d be afraid the yellow tint to the juice would turn the color more green than blue.
      Good luck and let us know how it worked out for you.
      The only other thing I can think of is that blue Mtn. Dew soda in place of the water.

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      Maybe just your plain Gelitan and blue food coloring would work. Good Luck. Thanks; Virginia

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      I chose to food color the layers rather than poke cake it. Kinda an,” I didn’t see the forrest for the trees” situation. Three layers.

      I frosted each layer with a section of red,white and blue home made iceing. Again, food colored. The top layer I frosted like the flag.

      ( sheet cake) It turned out pretty beautiful. Nice square with little stars made with a zip lock. Pretty red stripes sprinkled with red sugar.

      Oh, how it glittered. Oh how it shined! I stood there in awe.

      Gazeing at it with pride. I imagined a look of knowing and admiration pass between me and my son. He wouls say to me, ” you’re the BEST mom”!

      I could hear my sons teacher telling me what a great parent I was. In my mind, everyone was talking about my beautiful cake and how very much I must love my son. Then out of no where, an earth quake hit.

      No warning what so ever. My loving gaze turned to horror. There was complete pandemonium in my head.

      The voices there were no longer happy. Instead, they were screaming in terror as Idaho,Utah and Arizona broke free and fell off the face of the earth… And onto my kitchen floor.

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      Wish I had seen this sooner, Blue Kool Aid can be used to change color/flavor of jello!

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      Ha, ha. I did use blue kool aid. A friend at church mentioned it.

      I made the jello cut glass with it. Turned out great. I baked another cake in a short pan and cut it down to size.

      It only had two layers but no one was the wiser. I got many compliments on it. Not in any hurry to bake a cake for a while.

      I really appreciate you guys. This is why I love this site.

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      I believe you can use blue kool-aid as an alternative coloring.

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      Oh wow! That sounds like something that would happen here! Glad you recovered and saved the day though!!

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      Jennifer Green

      I never would have thought of Kool-aid! Smart!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Equivalents & Substitutions FOOD EMERGENCY!! Jello woes.