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      Has anyone here ever tried a food auction? We have them in our local area, and it can sometimes be worthwhile to check one out. I will go to and search for food auctions.

      Then I will check out the listing if it has one. Usually, in my area, its paper products, frozen food and frozen meats. The food is not expired, just something the auction house bought in bulk so they can make a profit(if an auction house isn’t selling something, they aren’t making money).

      If the bidding is good, you can get some great deals through the auction. And if you have a large freezer, it’s definitely worth a look.

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      I have never heard of Food Auctions, do they have alot of these in NC ? Or do the companies all come together to do this in your area ?

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      I tried but they didn’t have food auctions as far as i could see. I know on Thursday mornings in the Kansas city Caverns they have food, ect auctions. But you have to take whole pallets so we better go prepared and know what you are doing.

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      I go to one particular auction house in my area, he will do one about every other week now(used to be you could only find one once in a great while). I haven’t researched the state, so I don’t know if they do them all over, but they seem to be getting more popular than they used to be. I have never had to take a whole pallet of anything though, they’ll divide it up among anyone who wants the item at the bid end until it’s either gone or no one else wants any.

      I have also heard(but don’t know for sure) that he donates some stuff to the area soup kitchen after the auctions. I would like to think he does.

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      Food auctions – now that sounds very interesting. A group of people could go in together & then divide things up. Could be very worth while.

      Thanks for the post.

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      What an interesting idea. Never heard of this.

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      HI where are the Kansas City Cavers at?

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      @lamnpam5 114659 wrote:

      hi where are the kansas city cavers at?

      it’s in the north part on highway 210 across from the Ameristar Casino. I got a friend who still goes so I sent her an e-mail asking for more info. Hopefully I’ll hear back before I leave!

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      @lamnpam5 114659 wrote:

      hi where are the kansas city cavers at?

      ok, i heard from my friend and she said:

      it’s the caves in independence right on 291 on the right hand side after you go over the bigMO River bridge, before you get to the drive in theater. There is a driveshack you go thru & you could probably just ask them which cave it’s in as
      they are all numbered. The way it works though is you bid on Thursday & if
      you win the bid, you pick it up on Friday.

      You have to take everything on
      the pallets you win, not just the stuff you want. & you have to pick it up
      on friday during their open hrs, no ifs ands or buts. & if something gets
      broken after you bid on it by someone going thru looking after you, that’s
      your problem as well.

      hope this helps! i knew i better ask someone who’s gone more recently than i have!


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      My dh and i go to a food auction twice a month at a local auction house and we’ve gotten some really great deals. the key is to remember your prices and remember that they will be adding on the buyers fee at the end as well. alot of people there forget that and just buy buy buy and think they’re getting a great deal.

      i’ve become pretty well known because i always bring along my reciepts from the previous auctions and when something is selling for more then it was weeks before, people ask me.. “what was the price last time?” or they ask “how much is that in the market this week?”

      i will tell them, “put your hand down, that’s bogo at “bilo” and there was coupons in the paper too.” it’s actually pretty funny. everyone jokes that they’re not going to let me in the door anymore.
      i guess i would say that food auctions are a good thing as long as you keep a few things in mind.

      Always remember to add on to the final bid, the sales tax and buyers fee… is it still a good deal? If so then go ahead.

      Sale prices at your local markets combined with your coupons… It always seems they are selling something that is on sale that week at the market & that I have a coupon for.


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