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      Hi Every One,
      How are you all? Moving from one home to another always puts a lot on one’s plate. Nevertheless, moving does not have to be a bad experience.

      Here are a few things to keep in mind that may make your move a little smoother.

      – Consider how you will provide the necessary means to actually move your belongings. Decide if you will hire a moving crew, rent a moving truck, or use a portable storage unit, such as smartbox. have your reservation made as far in advance as possible.

      – prepare all of your change of address materials about one month in advance. the post office, utilities, insurance, dmv, and anyone you do business with should be notified with a change of address form. be sure your friends and relatives have your new address before you leave, too.

      – start packing a couple weeks in advance. start with the items you don’t use or won’t need until after you move. if possible, bring these things to the house early.

      – make sure you have all the packing supplies you will need before you get started. boxes, tape, packing material, markers, labels, and box-cutters should all be readily at hand. save your newspapers and such for a few weeks before you move.

      – use your head when you pack up your belongings. work smarter, not harder. be sure to use appropriate boxes and other packing materials when packing valuable or fragile items.

      – clean the new house before you move all your possessions in, if it is possible. no need for an explanation here.

      – after you have cleared out the old place, do a final walkthrough. then do another, and another. be sure to check all cabinets, closets, storage areas, etc.

      – be sure to have a plan. keeping a checklist is a good idea.

      – say goodbye to whatever you don’t really use. give it away, sell it, throw it away, or leave it behind, but don’t waste time and space with the things you don’t need anymore.

      – have all the utilities turned on a couple days before the move. something may happen and they may be a day late, so this helps ensure you will have electricity and water in your new home when you get there.

      – clearly label all the boxes you have packed. label by room and contents.

      – pack a few boxes with essentials that you may need upon arrival, such as food, drinks, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

      – keep your valuables and personal documents in a safe place at all times throughout your move.

      – clean any furniture before it is taken inside the new house. you don’t want to bring dirt and dust into your home with your furniture.

      – have a plan as to where your furniture should go in the new house. when moving your furniture into your new home, place it where you want it the first time.

      good luck in your new home!

      best regards………

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      Hello friend,
      Thanks for the nice tips,they are really good..and I think if any one follows it,then they can move conveniently.
      I also moved last month from Ny. to Ca. then we hired professionals from Mobile Storage Units, they were nice, but next time when I have to shift then I will definitely follow your tips,I know it will make my move more convenient and easy..


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget Vacations & Frugal Date Ideas Follow These Easy Moving Tips…..