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      I’m always cooking and with two auto mechanics in the house I need a tough grease cutting hand soap. I bought a couple of foaming soaps from the store just for the nice dispensers, quickly used them up and refilled them with Dawn dish detergent. About an ounce of detergent, then topped of with water.

      Gently slosh it to mix. One in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and a stronger mix at the laundry sink for the guys. It also works good for a quick spot wash on dishes.

      A quick squirt to clean one utensil or glass or whatever.

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      You can also use Borax hand soap. I had seen the laundry soap before but never the hand soap. It comes in a powder form and is quite cheap.

      My husband does dirty work and comes home with grease caked into his hands, Goop and all that other stuff never would take it off very well but this stuff is amazing. I got a jar from the store that you would put grated cheese or something that you would sprinkle on food, put the powder in that and set it by the sink. Hubby comes in, wets his hands down, sprinkles a little on and wow does that stuff clean.

      Not sure where to tell people to look for it I lucked out and found it at one of the Amish bulk stores here in our area. If you can find it, it is indeed amazing. Not saying that the above post is not, just another suggestion.

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