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      About 2 months or so ago I asked if anyone knew how to make the
      refills for the foam pump soaps. I got a slew of replys but didn’t
      have the time to do anything about them until a few days ago becasue
      we moved. So I am very pleased to say that I have foam soap in my
      dispenser again and it works like a charm!

      This is what I did. I had bought those foam blaster soap dispensers
      for the kids bathrooms in hopes of less mess when they wash their
      hands. BUt they are super expensive and I couldn’t find a refill for

      I mixed about 1/4 liquid soap and filled the rest of the 7.5
      ounce soap container with water. Shake to mix and then pump the
      soap. It gives a rich foam lather that feels much better than the
      original stuff that came with the pumps.

      And the original stuff it
      red so it would make a big mess on the sink that you know the kids
      didn’t rinse out! this stuff is great and i want to thank everyone
      that sent in the recipies for the myo foam soap!

      thanks again, maya in san diego

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      Just to clarify, is this calling for liquid bathroom soap or liquid dish soap?

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      I put 1/8 bath gel in and the rest water and shook it up. It was to soapy so I added more water as I used it. I also wash the pump in hot water to clean out dried soap

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      Thank you for the link to the soap supply store. I had not heard of this one!

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