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      So weird we have had flies in the house! Big annoying ones, anyone have a fly spray ingrediant? Thanks

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      I guess thats a no… I was really looking forward to seeing some idea.

      we get the sticky things that you hang up… they are like 2$ at wal mart for a pack of 3

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      Faxonfive posted this one awhile back:
      Simple Fly trap
      Take a wide mouth jar, like a canning jar or empty mayonnaise container, and place a piece of bait such as a piece of bread, fruit or any solid sugary substance in it. Then insert a funnel into the top of the jar.

      Then place a couple of pieces of wood or something to elevate the jar on the counter. Now turn the jar with the funnel upside down and set it on whatever you are using to elevate it.

      The flies will be drawn into the jar because of the bait but will not be able to find their way out. Then to get rid of the flies, simply turn the jar right side up and fill it with water through the funnel.

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