FLY pen??

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      Not sure how much they normally are, but I know someone has it for $79

      on bf. toys r us had a deal going for the month where if you buy a fly

      pen, you get some of the paper stuff for free.

      i just looked at the bf ad’s, and didn’t find it under target, meijer,

      kmart, toys r us, or kb toys. i don’t remember where i found it. it

      could have been a weekly sale, i suppose, for this week. if i find it,

      i’ll let you know where.

      — in, libramommy66@…



      > My dd wants a fly pen for christmas…has anyone seen a good deal on

      > one?? I would really appreciate it I would love to surprise her this

      > yr…shes very hard to…



      > LaRae


      > libramommy66

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