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      Are you looking for the newer FlyFusion pen that allows you to download information, or the first version of FlyPen that only uses cartridges? I have a set of original FlyPens that I used in my classroom, along with the earbuds, charger, FlyPaper, and the cartridges for Algebra, Memorizer, Test Prep, and one other that’s not coming readily to mind. All are in new condition, aside from the clear case for the pen, which has my last name written on it.

      I would sell you a pen with earbudsfor $25, and any cartridges for $10. The charge is $5, as are 8 1/2 X 11 notebooks of paper. Please let me know if what I have may suit your needs.

      Thanks, Sherri, in CA, unexpected_data_after_address@.syntax-error. wrote:

      Make Yahoo! your homepage.

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